Game About Imprint

Oink’N’Slay – ‘cause payback is a pig!

Oink’N’Slay is a call to arms: Take the salvation of you and your pigbrothers and pigsisters into your own claws! Slay your way out of the slaughterhouse and save the other pigs! Fight the whole, perverted system! Give ‘em hell!

Oink’N’Slay is an ego-shooter which is outspoken in his criticism of today’s diet and it’s producing. You play a pig that tries to fight his way, and the way of his pig brothers and sisters to freedom. In the end, there is the question: what is more absurd – this game or the reality of meat production?

About the Game Designer:

Marcel Durer was born in 1986 in Stuttgart. In his early days he created some short animationmovies, one even was screened at the „Filmfestival des deutschen Heimatbundes“. He gained experiences by helping student filmprojects at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where he also worked as a trainee after he finished school. There, he participated at the creation of the study course „Interaktive Medien“. Before he finally started studying at the Filmakademie in 2009, he spent one year studying history and art-history at the university of Stuttgart. He is going to do his diploma in spring 2014 and is looking for modern and innovative ways of storytelling. Marcel wants to thank everyone who made this game possible.